Services - quality to the market

Our services include quality control, efficient logistics, quality warehousing and financial solutions. This enables Norsildmel to present a wide range of first class products, and tailor make the service to fit specific customer demands.

The Norsildmel vision:
To provide a safer business environment for our customers

Blue: Head office Norsildmel AS
Green: Production plants
Yellow: Logistics



We secure high quality products from reliable producers.


Norsildmel have secured quality warehouses in all main markets. All warehouses are controlled by Norsildmel and operate under our quality procedures.


Strategically located warehouses secure efficient logistic to all main markets. Norsildmel arrange the logistic from the production area all the way to the customer.


Production of proteins and oils can fluctuate significantly from one season to another. However, Norsildmel is responsible for delivering every contract irrespective of these changes. In order to fulfill this obligation we source from producers all over the world in addition to securing products from our owners.



We organize logistic services from origin to customer's premises. We quality control transporters in order to make sure that the quality of our products are maintained during transportation.


We insure the transport and the product liability with recognized insurance companies. All transport insurance is covered on A-level conditions.


Norsildmel covers all cost involved with storage including handling, storage fee and insurance.


Norsildmel cover all financing until the product is delivered to our customers. This includes finance during transport and storage. In addition, we can offer credit lines to well established customers.