Corn Gluten

Corn Gluten

Production process
Corn Gluten is a raw material for enrichment of aqua and animal feed that increases the protein content and improves quality of meat. It is a byproduct, which derives from the manufacturing process for the extraction of starch, glucose and dextrin from corn. It includes the cortical parts of the corn with fractions of gluten, germ, starch and minerals. Because of its cost and chemical composition, corn gluten can be useful for the diversification of the diet and decrease of the use of corn and soybeans.

Recommended in the following proportions:
In cattle: 10-15% of the diet
In pigs: 15-20% of the mixture of feed
In poultry: 10% of the mixture of feed.

However, it is always necessary to add other sources of protein (e.g. soy) in the ration, because the corn gluten lacks some of the essential amino acids.

For feed purposes.



Crude ProteinCrude MoistureCrude FiberCrude AshContaminants


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